Canwick House Care Home

Residential & Dementia Care Home For The Elderly

In the heart of the picturesque village of Canwick, you will find Canwick House.

Canwick House Care Home has independently been running for over 30 years, providing accommodation and care for ladies and gentlemen, 65 years and older.

Canwick House Care Home is a small, family ran Home with a dedicated staff team, committed to our Residents – 100 per cent. Care and daily needs, and those unique preferences are tended to by trained staff who go above and beyond to create special moments and memories which are wholeheartedly cherished forever.

The Care We Share focuses on creating the balance of Care, Quality and Compassion, celebrating everyday life, and enjoying wholesome homemade nutritious meals.

Our Residents are happy and our home is peaceful. We balance the perfect mix of activity, entertainment and relaxation, and everyone is encouraged to do as much for themselves as they wish to. Much choice and no pressure. With highly qualified and experienced Staff we pride ourselves in our outstanding care practices which maintains a healthy happy Home.

The Care We Share

Offering Elderly Care, Dementia & Mental Health Care, Physical Disabilty Care, Long & Short Term Respite Care

Our Care

Our Staff offer support and ensure your personal needs are taken care of. Our compassionate staff provide company and assist with meals, bathing, continence care and ensuring medication is ordered, safely stored and administered at the correct times.

“We advocate for you and assist where you would like our support. We as staff participate in regular training with local experts including interactive sessions of learning development as well as class based and written work. We take our learning very seriously and pride ourselves in the commitment to accessing the most up to date information and applying best care and practice to everything we do” 
Senior Care Assistant Michelle Gooding

At Canwick House, our small team are here to ensure that they meet your needs, however big or small you consider them to be.

Some specific medical conditions may require nursing care. If you have a certain type of disability of condition that needs specialised nursing care, you may need access to qualified nurses. Please discuss this with us so we can establish your needs and make arrangements for your personalised care plan.

Living Well, with Dementia

With 30 years experience at Canwick House; we apply a vast and varied approach to support our Residents living with Dementia because of course, each and every journey is unique. Although we see similarities and patterns, every Resident is treated as an individual with qualified staff, who approach challenges with energy, conviction and creativity.

From a diagnosis to the next steps of choosing a care home, we understand this is truly a difficult time for you and your family where you are faced with many difficult decisions. Seeing deterioration in your loved one is both devastating and confusing.

At Canwick House we make the transition to a care home as simple as possible, keeping family and friends as involved as you wish to be whilst coming to terms with the next stage of your loved ones life.

From Dementia awareness, Dementia runs, Dementia Friends, Dementia fund raising, we champion and advocate for everything Dementia. We are all affected by someone living with Dementia and in honor of our wonderful ladies and gentleman and the angels who are no longer with us, we continue to ensure we are dedicated to giving the very best in Dementia care, living well and with purpose.

Our Website is an introduction to lifestyle and care at Canwick House. We encourage you to take the next steps and visit us. It's important to us that you really feel that sense of 'Canwick life' and achieve the clarity, reassurance and relief you deserve.

“Gemma, Deputy Manager”

Our Care

We provide exceptional service for adults over 65 looking for an assisted living facility.

We understand that a transition into a residential care home can be difficult. Our staff are sensitive and accommodating to the diverse needs of each and every resident from the moment they begin the 'Canwick Chapter' of their life.

Choosing the right Care

Here at Canwick House, we want to ensure that you are both comfortable and confident in choosing us as your next home. Some specific medical conditions may require nursing care. If you have a certain type of disability of condition that needs specialised nursing care, you may need qualified nurses on site 24/7. Please discuss this with us so we can establish your needs.

Our CQC Rating



Make an Enquiry

Please make contact with us to discuss your current care needs and how we may assist you?

Canwick House strives to accommodate all visitors and circumstances so do please contact Catherine or Gemma in the office who will be more than happy to help you with any questions which you may have.

Call Us: 01522 522275


Come and visit us – at ‘Canwick’ we do things differently and this is noted by all our friends and family who visit the home.

Our care is second to none. As a strong team, we care for our Residents dedicating time to each individual person and preference. With patience and skill, we establish routines to suit each of our Residents, and still enjoy the spontaneity of a garden BBQ in sunny weather, a trip out to the local garden centre, or an impromptu karaoke session.
We maintain contact with our Resident’s family and see you too, as part of the ‘Canwick Family’.

Having an excellent community network with our Health team and medical professionals we are thoroughly supported in our Resident’s health and well-being and meet every challenge with openness and positivity. We maintain a harmonious and peaceful Home and look forward to welcoming you.

Call, email, or simply knock at the door. We are here!     

Catherine Paul ( Care Home Manager )

It's The Small Things

During 2020, we received many compliments from our friends and family.
These kinds words meant so much to us during such challenging times, that we decided to frame them in our home,
A constant reminder of the appreciation and gratitude from our friends and family for everything we do.


Canwick House Accreditations & Awards

We would love to hear from you

Please fill in the form to send a message.

We shall respond at our earliest convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

We’ll use your information to contact you about your enquiry.

We understand you don’t have to give your personal details to anyone so we take our responsibility to hold your data incredibly seriously. For further details on we how collect, use and protect your private data, please see our privacy policy.

Important Information

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we protect all our Residents and staff.

Our Home continues to welcome prospective long term residents

We risk assess each visit request and do our utmost to make this happen as well as facilitating communications by other means, telephone calls, video calling, emails, letters, window visits and so on.

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we protect all our Residents and staff.

Typical symptoms of Coronavirus include a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to sense of smell or taste. These symptoms may progress more in people with weakened immune systems, older people and those with long-term serious health conditions.

With this in mind, we wanted to let you know the steps we are taking in order to minimise the chances of the virus spreading within our Home.

In addition to our high standards of infection control already in place, Canwick House has successfully launched an initiative called “Healthy and Happy”, bringing a new and continued focus on cleaning and sanitisation in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Focusing our efforts on infection control is paramount and we have staff allocated to cleaning within the home including frequent sanitising of all surfaces as well as regular deep cleans. This is monitored with routine audits carried out by the management team.

Our Home provides environment to implement natural ventilation into daily life, with lots of large social areas to enjoy as well as spacious bedrooms with en-suite facilities to allow plenty of personal space for each Resident.


COVID Safe Pods


How fortunate were we at Canwick to secure funding to commission  the build and installation of our safe space. Our Covid safe pod allows for visiting from family and friends and our Residents in a totally safe  environment. This is bookable in advance as strict infection control measures are in place.

A floor to ceiling dividing screen with intercom in our brand new pod, overlooking the garden and the Home means you get privacy and time with your loved one, in our cosy space.

You will liaise with the home directly to book an appointment. Visitor code and policy will be made accessible for all to see and agree to.

Canwick House Gallery

Award winning harpist, Elfair Grug was invited to play for our Residents in 2019 and so kindly returns regularly, providing celestial sounds of the harp through the Garden. Elfair especially recorded Ave-Maria, Schubert on request just for our Residents.

We look forward to holding an event with all our family and friends invited to enjoy this very special sound.


Visit Us

We encourage you to book in a visit with us, following Government Covid-19 guidance, we will facilitate your visit to be completely safe and compliant.
We provide a warm Home with compassionate professional Staff to greet you on arrival.


"My name is Marie. My company is Feet First Lincoln and I am a Foot Health Practitioner. Attending Canwick House Care Home 6 weekly, I offer a variety of treatments all in the comfort and safe space of the Home. Safety is key and I strictly adhere to government guidance"

"My passion is to put your feet first! I work closely with the care staff and ensure my Residents' feet are healthy, and happy!."

"Marie treats our Residents with total care and professionalism, managing the most nervous of Residents, to become calm and composed . Marie has driven foot-care to the forefront of care highlighting the importance of healthy feet and has developed staff learning around chiropody." Catherine, Registered Manager


We understand how important being mobile is, and remaining as safe and independent as you wish to be, from bath hoists, to walking frames, from wheelchairs to Sara Stedy, we have a range of equipment to support Residents and regularly take training to remain at the forefront of skill when using these equipment.

“Whether it’s a walk to the dining room, or venture out into our enclosed garden, or into the picturesque village of Canwick, we shall support you, every step of the way” Care Assistant, Rosa

Our Homehealth Team supports your health.We contact our Advanced Nurse Practitioners who are on hand every day.

“The Home Health Team nurses build up a rapport with you, so we get to know what your “normal” is. Changes can therefore be identified quickly and support given effectively. This promotes your comfort, your well-being and your quality of life. This is so important to us at Canwick House”
Michelle, Senior Care Worker


Our Blue Box, recognised within the NHS, assists our Staff to conduct clinical assessments and communicate the results to healthcare professionals. These results are communicated instantly to our HomeHealth Team - a wonderful team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners Working together, in the best interests of our Residents.

Effective and efficient care which maintains quality of health and wellbeing of our Residents.


District nursing
Our district nursing team provides Canwick House with total nursing care and support, contactable day and night, Residents who are terminally ill, physically disabled or with complex needs can be cared for by our trained and qualified nurses.

“I cannot stress how reassuring it is to work with such an outstanding set of nurses who support us to deliver the very best care to our Residents. Making the right decision in a timely manner is what is important here and I feel we absolutely make this happen with effective communication and a team of cheerful, professional nurses” Rachel, Senior Care Assistant


Breakfast: 9:30- 10:30
Mid-morning: Refreshment snacks
Dinner: 12:30 – 13:30
Mid-afternoon: Refreshment snacks
Tea: 16:30 – 17:30


Cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease can be significantly reduced through a healthy and balanced diet. Canwick House is committed to foods that are fresh, wholesome and promote the health, well-being and vitality of our Residents.

Food and refreshments are available throughout the day and Residents may request their meal at a preferred time in a preferred place. Although choice is always offered, we find our Residents prefer the routine of knowing exactly when their breakfast, lunch and tea shall be served.


“Witham Court” mental health services support psychological and / or emotional problems often the effects of Dementia.

We communicate regularly to ensure the emotional and psychological needs of our Residents are being maintained. The trusted relationship Canwick House has built with our community psychiatric nurses means we get support and assistance quickly.

“ Working efficiently and with good will, means our Residents mental health is never compromised and is always at the forefront of our care” Gemma, Deputy Manager

All your haircare needs are managed by Jane, our wonderful hairdresser who visits us fortnightly.

“Hairdressing is a very rewarding job and I take this very seriously. Offering the ladies and gents at Canwick House the pampering they deserve. I enjoy getting to know you as this helps me to understand exactly how you like your hair. With over 40 years experience in hairdressing I am confident I can help you to look and feel Great!”
Jane - Hairdresser, Canwick House

"Jane enhances each Resident’s experience whilst at Canwick House, it’s amazing what Jane can do with time well spent with each Resident. This is an essential service at Canwick and we are so fortunate to have such a talented and caring Hairdresser." DeeDee - Care Assistant, Canwick House


After dedicating over 10 years as a carer at Canwick House, Shirley now enjoys, the role of activities-lead for our Residents, Shirley effortlessly involves everyone, whether Residents join in, or simply watch on and cheer, whatever the activity may be. Shirley is a real asset to our team and laughter and song is never too far away.

"It starts with building a trusted relationship, once established this important bond I am then able to guide our time effectively. I absolutely love arts and crafts, a real hobby of mine, but overall, communication is my key skill here, and it doesn't necessarily have to be verbal"

"As a surprise for the Residents, I've created spectacular seasonal displays over the years. It really is a privilege to see our Residents' faces when they first catch sight of the displays".

The super talented Jeremy spreads smiles and song throughout our Home. Leading Residents down memory lane as he performs all the classics we know and love. Jeremy is such a joy to have and our Residents vote for him to return, every time! Through music, Jeremy connects with everyone and creates meaningful moments and memories.