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Becoming Tech Savvy and Improving Your Mental Health

A new study by the Mayo Clinic has found that ‘silver surfers’ are 42% less likely to develop mental health problems and dementia, compared to those who avoid using technology.

As more than 850,000 people in the UK suffer from dementia, it is now more important than ever to learn of different ways, which can help keep us mentally healthy. 

It has been found that already around 63% of adults over 70 spend anywhere from 11-30 hours per week online, which could potentially lead to an increasing number of people maintaining good mental health well into old age.

The study was conducted by the Mayo Clinic and included over 2,000 adults over 70 in the US. Over a four year period, researchers looked at how everyday activities can prevent mental decline.

Their research found that mentally stimulating activities can help build a ‘cognitive reserve’ of new brain cells and neural connections which in turns offsets the deterioration caused in the brain by ageing.

“The results show the importance of keeping the mind active as we age.”

Dr Janina Krell-Roesch, Mayo Clinic

Simply reading a magazine regularly was found to lower the chance of neurodegeneration by 30 per cent. Completing crosswords or other puzzles reduces the chance of neurodegeneration by 14 per cent. Additionally, it was found that social connections also made a difference in maintaining brain health and preventing neurodegeneration as those participants who engaged in social activities were found to be 23% less likely to develop memory problems than those who didn’t.

For more tips on staying mentally healthy, click here. 

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